Monday, October 26, 2015

David Frasher Fired Again

The fruits of code enforcement by complaint  

David Frasher was fired from being City Manager again, this time in Oregon City, soon after signing a 5-year contract, after working for them for three years.  They denied him severance payments, saying that he was fired for misconduct, making racially insensitive remarks to policemen.  Of course, he has filed suit, being a lawyer. 
When he worked for Grants Pass, he was known for temper tantrums and bad policies.  He was hired by a Council of developers and bankers, who let the previous, slow-growth Manager Petersen go.  The only way to get rid of an appointed manager is to replace the Council that hired him and likes his policies.  It takes two elections, since only half the Council is replaced every two years. 
Frasher particularly offended merchants, who ran as a block in the second election, and proceeded to fire him.  He instigated a city staff revolt, and after he was fired, the staff, opposing councilors and our new Mayor Murphy recalled the 5 councilors who fired him, leaving the city council without a quorum. 
Mayor Murphy illegally appointed 5 new councilors to replace them for 6 months until a special election could be held, was challenged by the ex-mayor Holzinger, and was upheld by two judges who ignored state law in the name of “exigent circumstances.”  Mayor Murphy and his appointed council continued Frasher’s policies and passed a new ordinance to reduce the size and height of signage, to the point where any new business has to appeal to the Council for variances.  The councilors elected since have been no better. 
Frasher was fired, but his policies are still plaguing us.  He started tiered water rates with higher charges for higher marginal use to save water, which oppresses the poor and makes it expensive to water our yards and business landscapes, while reducing water plant revenue because people stop watering.  He started Code Enforcement, soon called “Community Service Officers” or CSOs, and forbade police and firemen to enforce our codes, while discouraging CSOs from enforcing property maintenance codes until a property gets so bad that the City can abate it at 10% profit, now 20%.  He resurrected dormant codes against signsand merchandise on sidewalks, and then instituted a permit process for the same, as well as for tables on sidewalks.
We need to replace our Council again, to end Frasher’s policies and theirs.  Our new Manager Aaron Cubic is a true servant of the Council, and will likely work with new councilors.  It’s a no-pay part-time job, but it’s the only way to fix what’s gone wrong with this city.  Please consider running, and ask others to do the same.  I will be running for Southwest District.

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