Monday, November 2, 2015

Oops! Goofed again!

Mark Seligman is a good friend to me.  He proved it by telling me that I had gotten a name wrong in my last piece, “David Frasher fired again.”  (Now corrected) It was Mayor Murphy who appointed 5 councilors, not Mayor Fowler.
I argued with him for a minute, while looking up a leaflet I’d written about it in 2009, “Clean the Slate.”  There was "Mayor Murphy."  I had forgotten a mayor who served 4 years, and ascribed all of his acts to Darin Fowler.  I voted for Mike Murphy, and I forgot him!
Lesson learned: fact-check everything, especially my own memory for names.  Mayors Fowler and Murphy, I am sorry that I didn't before spreading 300 hard copies.
A real friend will tell you when you are wrong, or if you literally stink.  You can catch a rancid bacterial infection of the sweat glands that you can’t smell until it is driving other people out of the room, but most people will never tell you about it.  I’ve had it twice, literally driving people from the room the first time, before I found a remedy. I find it helps to have a remedy to mention, which is triple antibiotic cream in the armpits.  People have thanked me for telling them. I learned it on the radio from Dr. Dean Edell, about curing stinky feet, a remedy I wish I’d known when my husband was still alive.
Mark is that kind of a friend.  He told me I was wrong; argued until I found that he was right; didn’t rub it in; and I thanked him.  We don’t agree on many things; we argue passionately in a friendly way; and sometimes we agree.
Some people think I hate the City of Grants Pass, its employees, and especially its Manager, Mayor, and Council because I am suing the City over an illegal ordinance.  I don’t hate anyone.  I am telling the Mayor and Councilor that they are wrong and their ordinance stinks, violating state laws, as Carl Wilson told them before the ordinance was passed.  I am pursuing the only remedy available to protect myself and other citizens from enforcement of that ordinance against us.
Some say that my lawsuit is costing the citizens money.  Elections have consequences, and so does not paying your elected officials.  Not paying your Mayor and Councilors means that you have few choices at election, and the ones you elect readily give up their seats.  In order to have real accountability from your elected officials, you have to give them something to lose, like a salary.

The Council showed how little they have to lose by trying to circumvent the laws and the will of the people of Oregon.  We changed the law, and they are unwilling to follow it, so the Council has to be changed.

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